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The book “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill is an amazing book ever written amongst all the books on self-help or self-management. The book starts with a question, what do you want most?

Do not you think, everyone is looking for the answer to this particular question. I think everyone is looking for the answer in this world. Of course, people want money, fame, power, happiness, and other things. But they are not pretty sure about their order of them.

Everybody will say, I want everything amongst them. But if we want everything amongst them, we have to find our most important thing. As we can decide our priorities, we can achieve everything. In my perception, achieving anything is step by step process. This book is a summary of many philosophies.


Later on, the book divided into 15 chapters including an introduction. Here we will discuss some important chapters given in the book. We will also try to learn the author’s perception.

1. Desire

When you are thinking about something, ask a question yourself, how badly you want that? If you cannot Desire anything badly, you cannot achieve that. In other words, without a die-hard will for anything, it is almost important to achieve anything.

2. Faith

As we all know, this is the fundamental virtue of a personality. Faith in ourselves, faith in our actions, faith in our planning, and faith in nature is very necessary for life. If you, yourself do not have faith in your plans, how you will fulfill your desires.

Whether you want to become an actor or a good student. You have to be had faith in your efforts. Ultimately, everyone wants money. For that, we need faith in our work.

3. Specialized Knowledge

This is most important quality for being rich. If we want to earn more money, we need to have specialized knowledge in a particular field. Why this is very important? To understand the same, let us take an example.

If you have any heart disease and this needs to be operated on. Whom you will choose? A heart specialist or a General Surgeon. Definitely, you will choose a heart surgeon. Why? Because he has special knowledge in that particular field. So, in life, if you want to earn more money, you want to become rich, try to gain special knowledge of your field.

In the last chapter author also categorized six demons of fear. The fears which do not allow us to attain success in life. The fears, which limit us to take necessary actions. Some of the fears are fear of poverty, fear of losing and fear of losing of love etc.

Apart from all those things define in the book, the one of the best ideas given in this book is, all the achievement comes from Desire. If you cannot Desire, you cannot achieve. The other significant quote found in the book is, you can write your own destiny.


So, at last, some jams which can be we learn from the book is,

  • If you really know what you want. Just plan and try to accomplish that plan. Nothing can stop you.
  • In Indian civilization, there is a phenomenon of “Guru” so likewise author mentioned, just have a group of your mentors. So, in a condition of confusion, you may take a piece of advice from them.
  • A positive mental attitude is very important. That attitude can solve any problem.
  • Try to do smart work, rather than hard work.

This book is good for everyone. Those who are continue reading self-help books can leave it.

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Disclaimer- “This review is based on our view as well as the various readers, who read this book. Please implement any of the suggestions, given in the review according to your physical, mental, and emotional status.

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