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So, in this article, we are going to share key lessons from The Book The 5 AM Club by Robin Sharma.

But as we all want to become more successful in life. We all want to be more productive in life. And also, we want more money for luxury lifestyle. Are not we?

The answer will surely come out positive. For all those, we need to follow certain rules in life. We have to set some standards for ourselves. And for that, Robin Sharma’s book, “The 5 A.M. Club” will surely help us.

In this book, we can find some easy steps for ourselves. Those steps are not only easy but also easy to implement. Robin Sharma wrote those steps or the complete book pleasant manner.

The book has some awesome takeaways. The takeaways, which will surely help to be more productive in life. The takeaways, which will help you to meet your expectation. And of course, earn more money in life. But one thing I would like to let you know.

The second part of the book is more important than the first part. Why I am saying this? Because the second part has all the gems in it. So, if you will feel bore in the starting, do not close it, Finish it.

You know, whenever we dug a well. We will have dust at the start. Then, we find beige water. Then, we will have water suitable for drinking. So, always wait for that fresh water in your life. Till then, what you need to do. You have to work hard to achieve that freshwater. Let us come to the book.

Summery of The 5 Am Club

As the name of the book shares its basic motto. To get up 5 a.m. Here, Robin Sharma also tells us that what we need to do after getting 5 a.m. We need to divide our 5 a.m. to 6 a.m. time in 20 by 20 by 20 equal parts.

Then, we have three parts of 20 minutes each. Do exercise in the first part [5:00 a.m. – 5:20 a.m.].It will make you physically strong as well as it will give you strength. He also told many things about this part which I am not able to share with you here. For that part, you need to read the book.

He says for the second part [5:20 a.m. – 5:40 a.m.], just reflect on your life. Meditate. Introspect in your own life. Plan the things. Write down those things in your journal. This will help you to find out your perspective with own life.

In the third part [5:40 a.m. -6:00 a.m.], look for your goals. Little bit of search about them. What is going in that field? In simple words, study. Take knowledge about your field.

You had already finished half of the review. Now I am pretty sure, some of you have a question in your mind. The question is, what will this process do.

My friend, the answer is, within a month it will create a positive impact on you. We all know about the 21 days rule. If we perform certain actions continuously for 21 days, it will become our habit. Likewise, when we will do those things continuously for a month.

They will become our habit. They will help us to gain our goals in our life. Just remember, nothing happens in a day. There are some other formulas like 90 by 90 by 1 also in the book. For that, you need to read the book.

The book “5 A.M. CLUB” also tells us about the daily routine. The kind of routine that will help us to remove our stickiness in our daily life. You can also customize everything according to your need. You can make any changes according to your lifestyle.

Let us take an example. If You would like to plan things at night, Just do it. Replace the planning part with learning, Simple. Somehow you are also gaining one more important habit. What? Self-discipline. The fundamental quality to master anything. To attain massive success in life.

I must say this is one of the best books to read to look into yourself. One more thing you need to sleep around 9 p.m. to 10 p.m. Why this is necessary?

This is necessary due to two reasons. One is, if you will not go to the bed early, you cannot get up early in the morning.

Second, you need to have a sleep of almost 6 to 7 hours to function properly in your daily routine. Right now, I am partially in a 5 a.m. club and soon I will be a part of a 5 a.m. club.

Remember, nothing can change in a single day. Everything can change one day.

Just remember one thing, you may get frustrated as soon as you start the book. But you have to finish the book. So, that you will find those gems which are for you in the book. As soon as you will finish the book, you will fall in love with the book.

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